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In this section we offer complete jets for hydromassage and airsystems and the needed accessories to build a jacuzzi, whirlpool or jetted tub.

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Air nozzle 16 mm, brass with valve, 28 mm chrome cover

Product no.: 3060-1600

Whirlpool air jet whirlpool tub, chrome-plated brass, 16 mm bore, 28 mm nozzle cover with non-return valve

35.00 *

New Massage jet nozzle 31 mm spare parts pool, chrome

Product no.: 3031-0500

Whirlpool back nozzle Mini nozzle, Aperture with ball and flange part, Spare part for whirlpools 31 mm

17.80 *
can be shipped within 4 days

Air spa jet 15mm, version long, no jet face

Product no.: 0115-60

Air bubble jet built-in body version long, for hole 15mm, version long: suitable up to a wall of 34 mm

starting from 7.00 *

New Knob bath overflow diverter 75mm chrome

Product no.: 0012-8941

Diverter, drain knob, bathtub knob, whirlpool knob, chromed knob, waste overflow set, pop-up waste

16.50 *
can be shipped within 7 days

New Microjet cover with ball head 42 mm chrome

Product no.: 3042-1000

Nozzle cover with ball for whirlpool nozzle 42mm diameter, plastic chrome-plated, ball head

14.20 *
can be shipped within 7 days

New Teflon tape thread sealing tape PTFE GRP DVGW

Sealing tape for thread for sealing, material Teflon, CLASS GRp - 100 g / m² DVGW CG-5143 CS0360 KTW

7.08 *
1 piece(s) = 2.36 €
can be shipped within 3 days

New Water nozzle 80 mm, 50mm inlet, gray, adjustable

Product no.: 0-14-080-50-

Hydromassage nozzle with 80 mm orifice diameter, water connection 50 mm, venturi connection 20 mm, adjustable, color: gray

New Nozzle cover 27mm chrome pluggable floor nozzle whirlpool

Product no.: 3050-2700

Floor nozzle whirlpool whirlpool cover 27 mm pluggable chrome-plated replacement panel replacement part

starting from 14.88 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Foil pool nozzle 50mm connection aperture 86 mm, white

Product no.: 0-14-086-50

Hydromassage nozzle with 86 mm orifice diameter for liner pools, water connection 50mm, venturi connection 20 mm, adjustable, color: white

New Microjet Backjet Connector F18

Connection parts for micro nozzle F18, water connection (top) 10 mm, air connection (side) 10 mm,

4.50 *
can be shipped within 5 days

Nozzle cover 66mm pluggable ball head white

Product no.: 0-14-224-1000

Replacement cover for whirlpools, pluggable with ball head, color: white, diameter 66mm, holder 35 mm

12.95 *
can be shipped within 7 days

New Whirl pool nozzle adjustable 80mm 32mm water 20mm air

Massage nozzle for whirlpools and whirlpools 80mm aperture, 60mm bore, 32mm water and 20mm air connection

79.90 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 19.98 €
can be shipped within 18 days

New Air spa jet cap 62 mm 4 holes chrome plated

Product no.: 0-34-1101021

Floor nozzle cover 62mm, for screwing in, with 4 openings, plastic chromed, spare parts pool

starting from 19.50 *

can be shipped within 7 days

Whirlpool shut off water jets closing set

Product no.: 0010-02

Set to close nozzles in a hot tub, consisting of washers for the water nozzle, for the suction and sealant

starting from 39.00 *

can be shipped within 4 days

Microjet 32 mm ball head chrome 20-20mm

Product no.: 0012-0400

Small whirlpool massage nozzle with 20mm water connection 20 mm air connection 32mm aperture

starting from 21.95 *
can be shipped within 14 days

Swim Spa Jet Kit, stainless steel elbow

Product no.: 0-14-071-00

Wall-mounted nozzle as a counterstamp system for continuous swimming in the pool, 150 mm, stainless steel Face

139.00 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Hottub jet 5 inches 130 mm, 94 mm mounting hole

Product no.: 0-14-050-10-00

Whirlpool nozzle for 94 mm bore, aperture 130mm, adjustable in direction and intensity, stainless steel bezel

69.00 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Spa Pool Jet 64mm 33mm hose 1 inch 43mm Drilling,

Whirl pool nozzle for 43 mm bores, 64 mm nozzle orifice, hose connection 33 mm / 1 inch, ball head

111.00 *
1 piece(s) = 18.50 €
can be shipped within 7 days

Air nozzle 10mm cover 17mm chromed, 8 mm connection

Product no.: 0-27-255

Whirlpool and Whrilwannendüse 10mm bore, 17 mm nozzle orifice, 8 mm hose connection push-fit

starting from 14.75 *

Mini jet 36 mm jet front, chrome thread 23mm

Product no.: 0-27-036-23-

Nozzle cover chrome plated with 36mm diameter, Thread diameter 23 mm, with Allen key SW 10, Material: Plastic

Whirlpool Nozzle cover 65mm chrome, 72mm long

Nozzle cover for whirlpools and whirlpools, 65 mm aperture diameter, 72mm overall length, plastic chrome-plated front parts

17.50 *

Flange part for nozzle 81mm, thread 65mm screw part nozzle

Product no.: 0-14-215-175

Threaded part for screwing nozzles, thread 65mm, diameter flange 81mm, plastic spare part, jetted bath tubs.

starting from 9.95 *

Jacuzzi jet plug-in part 20mm, hottub spare part nozzle

Product no.: 0-14-218-5140

Bottom part for Whirlpoold nozzles plug-in receptacle, length 62 mm, receptacle 21 mm, for 2 1/4 inch nozzles

6.90 *
can be shipped within 5 days

Pool jet body WS97

Connection part for whirlpool water nozzle type WS97, 12 mm water connection (above) Air connection 10 mm laterally, spare part

8.50 *
can be shipped within 3 days

Pool front face 52 mm, 25mm thread spare part

Replacement cover for pools whirlpools and jetted bathtubs  52mm diameter with stainless steel cover thread 25 mm

14.90 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Flat seal gasket for vinyl massage jets 83 x 57 x 1.5 mm

Product no.: 0-14-083-57

Flat seal for foil basin nozzle 83 x 57 x 1.5 mm nozzle seal, replacement seal, built-in nozzle seal with 4 holes 4 mm

starting from 4.20 *
can be shipped within 4 days

Air spa jet 14mm non return valve, brass nut, check-valve

Product no.: 2-661-034-00-20

Air jet for whirlpool jacuzzi with non-return valve, ring air discharge for 14mm Drillilng with brass nut 

14.90 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Hydromassage jet ASV 32 - 20 mm, chrome

Product no.: 3002-000

Whirlpool nozzle with 32mm water connection, 20 mm air connection, aperture 67 mm, mounting hole 42mm, with cover and ball head

starting from 18.90 *

Pool suction 98 mm face 60 mm drilling 60 mm chrome

Product no.: 0-27-98-60

Intake for whirlpools and whirlpool bath for 60 mm bore, 98 mm chrome-plated cover, 50 mm inlet socket

19.95 *
can be shipped within 4 days

Whirlpool nozzle insert 35 mm flange + jet face thread 23 mm

Product no.: 0-11-035-10-00

Whirlpool bath jet Nozzle cover 38mm with flange 35mm part for whirlpools thread size 23 mm, Allen key width 16

16.80 *
can be shipped within 7 days


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1 - 30 of 247 results