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Calculated by the weight of the choosen products.



Zone 1-1: Beglien, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria

Zone 1-2: Denmark (without Faroe Islands and Greenland), Czech Republic

Zone 1-3: France, Monaco (Great Britain)

Zone 1-4: Italy Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary

Zone 1-5: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

Zone 1-6: Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania

Zone 1-7: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, Romania, Serbia

Worldwide: Other upon request - depending on your order.



For customers in Switzerland, offers an interesting shipping alternative that enables inexpensive and customs-compliant delivery directly to you in Switzerland. You can find more information at

More Info here:


Upto 15 kg - 99 €  15,1 - 31 kg - 129 €

For Norway we need a V.A.T no ( company) or Passport ID ( 11-digit personal identification number) for customs.


General information on the minimum order value:

We offer our products at fair prices. In addition to the costs for the ordered goods, the processing of your order also includes costs for packaging, the working time for picking and packaging, addressing and shipping. Your invoice will be booked accordingly by our accounting department and processed under tax law. In order to cover these costs, we have set a minimum order value of € 20. We have mostly linked supplementary products with which you can achieve the minimum order quantity. Thank you for your understanding.


General information about our shipping costs:
We have not included shipping and packaging costs in our product calculations. (Compared to "Free Shipping")

If our customers order several products, the weight changes and the sum of the weights then results in the shipping weight. The shipping costs for the package (cardboard packaging, cushioning material, working time, costs for parcel service (postage), adhesive tape, ...) is listed at the end of the order.