Information about whirlpool systems - notices and advices of system design and installation of the components

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Direct to Bottom Air Spa Systems         direct to Side Water Hydro Systems               to Outside Pools Hot Tub Systems

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Information about air systems:


The Air Spa Bottom system needs safty devices to prevent water of getting into the blower. The double loop (3) is

one device, the fixing of the manifold (4) on a position above the maximum Water level a second.

The Push-Fit connection is easy and can be opend again.


The D.I.Y Whirlpool Kit is here: LINK

Alternative - with check - non-return valve:


Take a look at the following video:



Cutting model of a acrylic bathtub:


Sample for trial drilling available in shop - LINK

Information about water systems:

Part 1 - 25 mm Hose System

Hydromassge Jet installation with 25 mm Hose / Clip water supply. Easy and safe installation. Hose and Clip for water and air on the jet, as well as on the pump with special 25mm T-Fitting for the outlet and the venturi air of the jet to the 13mm double connection air regulator.



The Set full Set is here: LINK 


Part2 32 mm Jets 

This hydromassage principle is for the following jets: ASV

Whirlpool Kit ASV



Outside Whirlpool Jacuzzi Hot Tub System

From the pump comes the 2" hose/pipe and feeds the manifold with 4 exits. Each hydrojet is connected with a single water hose 3/4".  



Use a cap, if your system is finished or go to the next manifold.

The air hose (orange ) is conected between the 3/8" (10mm) jet venturi connection and the manifold.

The venturi air can be controlled with device while the usage.


The suction in hot tubs has to be double to divide the suction force of the pump:



Whirlpool jet diveter in the system


The massage pump is supplied with water from the suction. The exit of the pump goes to

the diverter. The diverter makes it possible, to adjust the massage intensity in the two sections.

From 100 % at one exit to 100 % to the other side - or 50/50 both sides open.



Air Spa in Hot tubs and Outside Whirlpools

For the installation of the air system in the bottom, the air systems (see top) are suiteable, but only in the execution of plastic or stainless steel. Because the water remains constantly in the pool, chromed brass is unsuitable.

Air jet kit: LINK

The air blower must be designed for larger water depths than in the bath (more than 60cm) .

The following blower is suitable up to a water depth of 1.0 m Blower A700


Modular Whirlpool Kits

The following Whirlpool for do it yourself installation is avaiabee in modular kits:


DIY Modul with 6 side jets: LINK


DIY Modul with 4 bigger massage jets (4"): LINK


Whirlpool DIY modul with 12 Massage jets LINK


Whirlpool DIY modul back massage LINK


Whirlpool DIY kit with pump and suction LINK


This kit is an idea how a whirlpool can be installed or the components can be assembled.







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