Water care

Water care


Water Care Products from Descon the German manufacturer for water treatment and water purification. For reliable water quality in your swimming pool and a pool.

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Filling filter water filter 10K incl. Adapter 37900 liters

Product no.: 0-14-500-1000

Pool water filling filter for pool filling, 10K Pure Start water filter including adapter for 10,000 gallons - approx. 37,900 liters

61.90 *
can be shipped within 5 days

Chlorine duplex sensor chlorine dioxide

Product no.: 3-15015

Chlorine duplex sensor Double gold combination electrode for measuring free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone

499.00 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Descon Swiming pool Dosing spare replacement hose DLS 3000

Product no.: 3-13203

Dosing pumps Hose insert Spare part for Descon Type S pump, wear part for chlorine pumps, replacement

62.00 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Swimmingpool Skimmer surface suction 150

Product no.: 0-20-30525

Built-in skimmer for liner pools connection 1 1/2 "internal thread, 150 mm cut-out, with accessories

44.90 *
can be shipped within 3 days

Whirlpool Bath Cleanser Fluid Active Clean liquid

Product no.: 1011-0001

Disinfection liquid germ-killing for jetted bath tubs - hydromassage tubs, 1000 ml - enough for 5 - 10 use.

18.50 *
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can be shipped within 5 days

Ozone Generator Pool and Spa Water treatment 10-100 mg/h

Water Back Flow Resistant Ozone generator for whirlpools, jacuzzi and Spa, Water treatment with less chemicals

105.00 *
can be shipped within 10 days

Filter insert Cartridge filter 127 x 338 mm, 2.3 m²

Product no.: 0-14-550025

Filter insert Cartridge filter 127 x 338 mm, 2.3 m² filter surface , Spare part for whirlpool filter

28.90 *
can be shipped within 7 days

3 x replacement filter for Hotspring each 149 x 267 mm 3 m²

Product no.: 0-14-5531489-3

Set of 3 cartridges lamellar filter  Dimensions: 149 x 267 mm Filter surface per 3 m², replacement

109.00 *


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