DIY Whirlpool bath tub KIT 6 Jets pump, button, chrome


DIY Whirlpool bath tub KIT 6 Jets pump, button, chrome

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DIY Whirlpool tub kit ASV

Representation of the structure of the hot tub water - system:



Description of the structure of the spa kit:

The position of the ASV whirlpool jet in the tub should be chosen so that the nozzles can drain completely by emptying the bath.

The hydromassage jet should be below the water level in the filled state. 

Each nozzle is connected with 32mm hose with water and air (air above the water below)

The water comes from the tee to the pump (pump output) and is guided on both sides of the tub.

The air supply (venturi) in the whirlpool system is leaded via a T-piece to the air regulator.

During your bath you can adjust the venturi air.

Water supply

The hot tub pump (far right) is powered by the suction of water from the bathtub. Line 50 mm should be routed so that during

the emptying of the tub, the water can flow out from the pump. This PVC pipe must be bonded.

Note: The suction in this set is installed in the side of the tub. However, it should be installed as far as possible below.

Instructions are included with the shipment.

Kit with

6 water nozzles with ball head

1 air regulator

1 button

1 pump

1 intake

Tubes and tubing for standard tub

PVC cleaner (promoter) and glue

For the installation you need the following drills (hole saws):

Nozzle: 42 mm

Intake: 60 - 65 mm

Pushbutton and air regulator: 30 mm

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This includes the following individual products

89mm Suction Whirlpool Water inlet 50mm Elbow chrome
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PVC flexible hose / pipe 50 mm , length 2,0 m
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