Pool control electronic pump blower Light on off topside

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Electronic Set for whirlpool and jetted tubs type S3 - pump-blower-light


Set of electronic with touch pad for jacuzzi

Electronic type S3


Pump: On - Off

Blower: On- Off

Light: On - Off


Pump up to 1100 watts

Blower up to 1400 watts

Light upt to 100 watts

Voltage: 230 Volt 50 Hz


Safety features:

Dry-run protection with water level sensor

Auto off function after 30 minutes

Atomatic off funktion - if a key is pressed for more than 20 Seconds

Automatic purge - blower on for 30 seconds after 25 minutes system switched off - to dry the pipe of the air system.


Topside control touch pad cl9


Flat keyboard bezel for Whirlpool and jacuzzi 53 mm diameter, 2 m cable on-off pump and light


LED Power supply:

Voltage 3.5V, current 20mA

Important: Current limitation to 20mA






Com. white

Key 1 - pump - brown

key 2 - light -pink

Key 3 - on-off - red

LED (common Anode)

Com. LED - green

Mains LED - yellow

LED key 1 - grey

LED key 2 - blue

LED key 3 - black



Capacitive water level sensor

This sensor makes sure, that the pump does not run without water.

Detect through the bath tub wall the water level with magnetic ( capacitve) field.

Has to be glued with silicon outside the tub.




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