Air blower G-10HE1L heater, electronic

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Blower G10HE1L


Developed for the use in whirlpool tubs jetted tubs and jacuzzi - the aerospa blower is a powerful aggregate.

The bypass blower has a outstanding safety feature. The electrical and mechanical part of the motor are seperated.


Water which gets to the vent area, will not lead immedeatly to a electrical defect.

A important feature for a safe and secrure whirlpool.


Shaped according to bath tub shapes the blower G can be installed excellently.


The electronic is installed in the upper part of the blower

The software is to be controled with the following touch pads:  Esprit 500 or Esprit 1000 .


Technical Features:

Bypass-blower with motor 800W

airheater connected intern,

Engine single-stage

Thermoprotection for motor

Heater 300W

Thermostat 85°C and thermofuse 121°C

Material of housing: Polycarbonat (PC)

Compact design,

Protection IPX5

Spare and Replacement Blower for Blowers with:

RSU 54


RSU 51


RSU 53



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