Motor jacuzzi air blower 400 watts, for jetted tubs

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Whirlpool Motor E-400 Air blower


Airmotor, blower or bubblemotor for jacuzzi, jetted tub or whirlpool

The Aerospa air blower type E is build in compactly.


The low noice disapeare behind the noice of the bubbles in the jetted tub. Airblower, for jacuzzi bath tubs.

Air connection 32 mm. Fitting can be crewed to open. Motor: 400 watts

Build in pneumatik switch


Technical details:

Volume: max 1,5 m³/min

max. Pressure: 0,015 Mpa

Power consumption: 400 watts

Voltage: 230V 1N~ 50-60Hz

Current consumption: 2,0A

Noice level: <68 db(A)

Weight: 2,0kg

Ambient temperature : -10°C bis 50°C

Max humidity: max. 80%


Features: low watts small air blower whirlpool tubs

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