Swim Spa Kit, endless pool jet pump, regulator DIY


Swim Spa Kit, endless pool jet pump, regulator DIY

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Swim Spa Kit 150

Wall mounting nozzle with pump, switch, regulator as a countermode for continuous swimming in the pool.

A central nozzle for water flow to counter-swim. 

Creates an effective counter current to swim against, making even a small pool seem to go on forever! 


With powerful pump, venturi air regulator and on-off switch.

With the nozzle insert included in the set, you can adjust the flow strength even after installation. A matching tool is included in the set.


Jet up to 175 GPM (662 l/Min)  90 GPM  (340 l/min) - with reducer

The powerful pump is designed for use in pools and can be switched on and off via the pneumatic switch.


More info about the pump

The pump is supplied with two suckers to limit the suction force per suction nozzle and optimally supply the pump with water.


Up to 275 GPM ( 1040l/min)


Installation prinzipal (also as Download)


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