PVC Gluing Kit Adhesive Cleanser 500 ml Set

PVC Gluing Kit Adhesive Cleanser 500 ml Set

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Active Bonding Set - PVC-U and ABS glue with brush + Cleanser 500 ml


This adhesive is to be used for the safe and tight connection between the ABS and PVC-U components.

The materials are dissolved and merge with each other in a short time, so that a firm bond is formed.


Clean both sides ate the area where you want to glue with the cleaner

Add the glue on both sides - you can use a brush

Join the two parts together



The assembled joint should not be disturbed for 5 minutes (below 10°C - 15 min.).

For a pressure test wait at least 24 hours, in case of a repair wait 1 hour per bar.


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500 ml PVC Cleaner, promoter for pvc gluing
1 piece(s)
9.90 / 1 piece(s) *
500 g PVC Glue with brush Plumbing adhesive gel
1 piece(s)
16.95 / 1 piece(s) *

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