Musicsystems and soundobjects

Musicsystems and soundobjects


Music and tone are waves, which can change our mood positivly . The vibrations of the music are transfered with the transducer (exciter) on and into the resonance object. You can hear the music - and you can feel it. In the section we offer wallmounting speakers especially for the high humitity areas like in baths as well.


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Pop-up speaker pools + spa retractable waterproof, hottubs

Product no.: 0-14-675-2011

Extendable and retractable loudspeaker 30 Watt, Titanium tweeter, rotatable, 15 cm diameter, illuminated, 4 Ohm

239.00 *
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New Showerspeaker, waterproof, for bath, spa and wellness

Product no.: 0-7-150-080-02-00

Showerbath speaker waterproof, for your spa and wellness are, 80 watts, white for ceilinginstallation. One Pair

25.90 *
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1 piece(s) = 12.95 €
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New Shower Bath Speaker 10 cm White 30 Watts

Product no.: 0-7-105-030-01-00

Wall and Ceiling speaker for Showers, baths pools and wellness areas, 105 mm small space-saving loudspeaker

68.50 *
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can be shipped within 7 days

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