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In this section you can find parts for your production, for your DIY or professional use. Quality products of electronics, touch pads, jets, pumps, blowers light systems.

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Hydromassage jet ASV 32 - 20 mm, chrome

Product no.: 3002-000

Whirlpool nozzle with 32mm water connection, 20 mm air connection, aperture 67 mm, mounting hole 42mm, with cover and ball head

starting from 18.90 *

Whirlpool suction 86mm chrome, for 70 mm hole

Product no.: 0-022-0017

Side suction installation fitting for whirlpool suction, chrome-plated 86mm cover, with angle 50mm, for 70 mm bore

32.50 *
can be shipped within 3 days

Cover for suction 67mm, sieve Whirlpool chrome

Product no.: 0012-6700

Face, plate or cover for suction 67mm, sieve Whirlpool chrome, 62 mm inside diameter, height 10mm

11.50 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Topside ON-OFF control electronic airspa on off plus minus

Product no.: 0-11-015-15-01

Electronic kit with touch pad water level sensor, air spa whirlpool system On-Off, Plus minus, automatic purge, chrome plated topside panel

349.00 *

Construction adhesive and seal kit chlorine-resistant

Product no.: 5600-0300

Sealant for Pool Spa Hottub and swimming pool, cartridge for silicone syringes, content 425g, color: white

16.50 *
can be shipped within 3 days

New Pump connector 2 1/4" - 50 mm 45° elbow union connection

Product no.: 0-11-100-050-45

45° elbow- connector for pumps with 2 1/4" threat - with nut and 50 mm glue sleeve, PVC, black


11.20 *
can be shipped within 5 days

Set Whirlpool control 7 key air water systems 65 mm

Product no.: 0012-0007

Set Whirlpool control with push button Round, 65mm diameter, mounting hole at least 42 mm, air, water, light functions

549.00 *
can be shipped within 7 days

Silicone grease fitting threaded smoothly lubrication 7g

Product no.: 5700-0700

Lubricant for screw connections and seals, to facilitate screw-in during assembly, easy mounting

3.95 *
can be shipped within 2 days

Key for drain suction pop up waste exchange filter sieve tool

Product no.: 0012-0188

Universal key for waste outlet with whirlpool suction to replace the suction strainer in the drain

18.20 *
can be shipped within 5 days

T-connector 20 mm - 25mm hose adapter distributor

Product no.: 0-11-90062

T-connector for hose 2-way 20mm hose to 25mm hose, plastic adapter T-piece divider, pipe, tee,

7.90 *
can be shipped within 3 days

Espa, motor, capacitor, elco, 12 yF pump, tiper wiper

Product no.: 2-065-100-50-30

Spare and replacment part for Espa pumps 12 yF capacitor for wiper, tiper 50 / 60 Hz, whirlpool pump, FACON, LIFASA, ITALFARAD

19.95 *
can be shipped within 2 days

New Glue 125 ml PVC + ABS adhesive cement paste

Product no.: 5100-0100

Adhesive for connecting PVC and ABS components and pipes, tube with 125 ml capacity, pool lines, whirlpool nozzles, hose

9.90 *
can be shipped within 4 days

Adapter for spray cans, foam, spray can adapter, cone

Product no.: 0-100-000-10-00

Cone can adapter for spray cans or foam spray cans or foam containers for targeted injection through cone

6.90 *
Normal: 9.95 €
You save 31 %
can be shipped within 4 days

2 Inch bow fitting 90° cuff elbow connector

Product no.: 5001-6092

90 ° Bow and elbow with 2" sleeve on both sides, PVC white Fitting for Whirlpooltubs, Hottubs and Jacuzzis

5.20 *
can be shipped within 5 days

Topside control panel 4 key air pump plus minus 53 mm

Product no.: 0012-3401

Control panel 4 key with 53 mm diameter, airspa pump whirlpool bath tubs replacement part and spare

69.00 *
can be shipped within 7 days

New 27 mm air jet face cap whirlpool tub cap chrome spare

Product no.: 0012-013

Air spa jet 27 mm for buttom jets, with 11 mm installed jet body, with o-seal, lateral air discharge, spare replacement

starting from 16.90 *
can be shipped within 5 days

New Whirlpool yourself kit backmassage 8 jets WS10, chrom

Product no.: 2018-0800

DIY kit for jacuzzi and whirlpool skidding massage with 8 jets WS10, pump, pneumatic on-off switch


559.00 *
can be shipped within 14 days

New Technical Service Door with air inlet tiles whirlpool trap

Product no.: 0-40-300-80-04

Kit for making an inspection opening or Service door with supply air in white for whirlpool and bathtubs

58.00 *
can be shipped within 3 days

New 6 Jet DIY Whirlpool Bath Kit Quick Fit Build plumbing

Product no.: 2002-0600

DIY Whirlpool bathtub kit with easy hose clip installation, 6 jet kit with pump and push button

459.00 *
Product data sheet
can be shipped within 14 days

New Ozone Generator Pool and Spa Water treatment 10-100 mg/h

Water Back Flow Resistant Ozone generator for whirlpools, jacuzzi and Spa, Water treatment with less chemicals

94.95 *

New DIY Whirlpool pump suction Kit hydromassage assembling

Product no.: 0-14-99-00-01

Assembling kit for DIY Whirlpool or jacuzzi with strong hydromassge pumpe, stainless steel suction, Slice valve, y-pieces

829.00 *

DIY Whirlpool bath tub KIT 6 Jets pump, button, chrome

Product no.: 2000-6000

Kit for whirlpool bathtub with six side jets with ball head, inlet fitting, pneumatic pump and on-off switch

419.00 *
Product data sheet
can be shipped within 4 days

100m PUR hose 0,75 mm x 1,5 mm ID - Polyuretan, black

Product no.: 2-100-050-002-21-02

100 meters polyurethane hose black 0.75 mm x 1.5 mm inside, Only while stocks last - Clearance


24.30 / Roll(s) *
1 m = 0.24 €

59mm jet face hydro massage pool tub whirlpool chrome

Product no.: 0-22-054-00-00

60 mm bath tub jet face for hydromassage side jets in jetted bathtubs, with ball valve, spring, bajonet fixing

16.80 *
can be shipped within 8 days

Suction 90mm flat white PVC 90°, elbow 50mm sieve jet

Product no.: 0-14-640-4190

Suction 90mm for pools and spa, 50mm adhesive connection, 10mm high, up to 20mm wall thickness PVC cover white

22.60 *

10 m Hose for Whirlpools 6 mm / 8 mm PVC 6 x 9 mm

Product no.: 5011-0610

Replacement hose for whirlpools and whirlpool bathtubs, 8 mm hose / 6 mm inside pipe, PVC hose clear, airjethose

12.50 *
1 m = 1.25 €
can be shipped within 3 days

Air blower G-10HE1L heater, electronic

Product no.: 2-610-010-10-55

Airmotor for jacuzzi and fitted tubs with electronic board for touch pads On/Off, PLUS, MINUS and light

579.00 *

A & S Hydromassage Jet Bathtub whirlpool jet face 62mm

Product no.: 0-99-500-30-00

Water massage jets A & S, Front face with ball, chrome, as spare parts and replacement part, Diameter: 62 mm

35.90 *

New Chrome Air Switch Push Button, 44mm, bellows actuators

Product no.: 0-11-012-10-00

Pneumatic Push button 44mm diameter, for 30 mm drilling, with 3 mm air hose connection. chrome plated surface.

19.95 *
can be shipped within 2 days

Plug cap closer 1 1/2" Inch PVC Manifold Whirlpool Hot tub

Product no.: 5006-4810

Plug 1 1/2" Spigot - end closer - plug for mainfolds and endings in the whirlpool pipe system PVC white

2.30 *
can be shipped within 4 days


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31 - 60 of 229 results

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