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09.10.2013 19:26

FAQ - Active Clean Foam Cleaner for Whirlpool tubs

Question: How often should I use Active Clean foam cleaning ?
Answer: Active Clean removes deposits in the piping of the whirlpool . Depending on the dirt - for example by bath oils , we recommend the removal of debris / grease film by Active Clean foam cleaning during the bathing season at intervals of 4 weeks.

Question: Is Active Clean foam cleaning and disinfecting / germicidal ?
Answer: Active Clean cleaning foam was designed specifically for the release of deposits. Recommended disinfectant is Active Clean Liquid .

Question: Can Active Clean foam cleaning are applied in each whirlpool ?
Answer: Active Clean cleaning foam is injected into the water jets of the whirlpool system. If it is closed nozzles ( eg by Teuco ), this unfortunately does not work. If necessary, try using the shower hose if you can spray into the nozzle .

Question: Can Active Clean foam cleaning are also used in the floor nozzle / nozzle ?
Answer: For systems with air and water jets you can apply the foam cleaning in the water sector . If the liquid of the foeam flows into the bottom nozzles Active Clean cleaning foam cleaning there also. You should not spray directly into the air nozzles. Normally the air spa system is constructed in that way, that the foam could crawl to the fan / blower and can damaged it. For air spa system we recommended disinfectants Active Clean Liquid.